Identify the magnetic North Pole of earth's magnet


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The places on earths surface that earths imaginary spin passes through
If i am reading this question right the answer should be the south pole
If am reading this question right the answer should be south pole

The correct answer is B C E

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If we are assuming that both earth as well as the bar magnet have a potential of magnetic field then the south pole of the magnet will point at the north pole of the earth. This happens because of superposition of polarization of two magnets of same magnetic field potential. Similarly, the other north pole will point at the south pole of earth.



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As we know that magnetic field lines always originated out from the north pole of magnet and then terminate at south pole of the magnet

So here in order to find out the magnetic north pole we can say that magnetic field lines will originated out from that pole

In order to find out that part of earth from which magnetic field lines originated out we have to suspend a bar magnet freely in the air.

Now the south pole of bar magnet is always attracted towards the North pole of Earth magnetic field

So when We freely suspend the bar magnet then its south pole always shows the position of North pole of Earth magnetic field.

So we can say that the Geographic south position of Earth is the magnetic North pole of Earth

Using a Compass to Identify Magnet North Pole

Watch carefully at where the compass needle points. The point that normally points to the north pole of Earth should point to one end of the magnet. That end is actually the South pole of the magnet


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