Three teenagers push a heavy crate across the floor. dion pushes with a force of 185 n at 0°. shirley exerts a force of 165 n at 30°, while joan pushes with 195 n force at 300°. what is the resultant force on the crate? solve each problem algebraically​

pls answer i need ! ​


a) the event horizon, singularity, and the chute located between the two.

I'm pretty sure the answer is c 

i had this question and the answer was 3.15 miles.

martina travels from school to her mom's office. from there, she walks to school. after school, she walks to the library and then to a friends house before finally ending back at home. find martina's total distance traveled.

a) 0 miles  

b) 0.4 miles  

c) 1 mile  

d) 3.15 miles

The center is basically the heart of it

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