An organism was found to contain 6.25% of c-14 left in it's remains. if the half-life of c-14 is 5730 years, about how long ago did the organism die?


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The rearrangement of particles in a physical change. hope this

when two balls of the different masses are dropped from equal height, they reach the ground at the same time .this is because they experience the same acceleration.

the acceleration is independent of mass.

thus when they are dropped they will always maintain the same velocity and travel the same distance (neglect air resistance of course) at the same time.


d. are made mostly of liquid


-the general   composition and structure planets includes; they have a thick gas and liquid layer covering a small,solid core. mostly the gases are hydrogen and helium atmosphere and layers of liquid hydrogen. for instance neptune and uranus are examples of the outer planets, they have a core covered by ice and ammonia.

-neptune's atmosphere is hydrogen and helium with a bit of methane so there is no oxygen to breath and the interior is made up of frozen water and ammonia with a rock and iron core. thus, there is no liquid water or solid surface to survive.

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