If the torque required to loosen the nut that is holding a flat tire in a place on a car has a magnitude of 35 n•m what minimum force must be exerted by the mechanic at the end of a 27 cm long wrench to loosen the nut


129.63 N


Torque : This can be defined as a force that tend to rotate or twist a body. The S.I unit of torque is N.m. The expression of torque is given as,

T = F×d Equation 1

Where T = Torque on the car's nut. F = The minimum force exerted on the car, d= distance between the force and the nut.

make F the subject of the equation,

F = T/d Equation 2

Given: T = 35 N.m, d = 27 cm = 0.27 m.

Substitute into equation 2

F = 35/0.27

F = 129.63 N.

Hence the minimum force exerted by the mechanic to loosen the nut = 129.63 N

F = 130 N

Explanation: Solution:

Convert first 27 cm to m.

27 cm  x 0.01 m / 1 cm = 0.27 m

Calculate the torque using T = Fd

Derive to find force F

F = T /d

  = 35 N.m / 0.27 m

  = 130 N

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