What are the primary colors of light


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Some times when we look at some objects they appear to be different in color to us than their actual color. It may be due to several wavelength of  light with different intensities is striking on our eye.

Remember, white is not a color it is just produced in response to combination of 3 or more than three colors like light.

The three colors that can be combined at full intensity to form a white color are called as primary colors. The most common set is

               Red+Green+Blue= white

Zero intensity of each component gives darkest color and full intensity of any component give a white color.

Secondary colors can be produced by the addition of two colors such as;






All three primary colors negate each other to produce a dark grey color.  A small correction: Green is a secondary color. And, Red, Blue, and Yellow are three primary colors. The colors produced from mixing the secondary colors are known as tertiary colors.

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A. They can be mixed together to make almost any other color.


The most significant thing about primary colors is that they can be mixed together to form any other colors. Primary colors are red, blue and green. These are the three primary colors of light.

Other colors can derived from primary colors when making pigments. If the the three primary colors are mixed together, white color is produced. Secondary colors are the other colors produced by combining any two primary colors of light. Two colors the produce white when mixed are complementary colors.

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When adding all the three primary colors at maximum intensity, the color that will be produced is the color white. This is applicable when using the color scheme of computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc. You will only get the color white when using the additive color palette in the RGB mode. If you are using the subtractive color palette in the CMYK mode, you will end up with the color black when all primary colors are at maximum intensity.

yellow blue and red because l see it in my school

yellow blue and red because l see it in my school

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