The length of the assembly decreases by 0.006 in. when an axial a- force is applied by means of rigid end plates. determine

(a) the magnitude of applied force,
(b) the corresponding stress in the steel core.


where is the circuit diagram ?

a person with a mass of 106kg has a weight of 1060n

(a) The magnitude of the applied force is (0.0001524k) Newton

(b) Corresponding stress in the steel core = (0.0001524k/area) Newton per meter square


(a) From Hookes law of elasticity,

Force applied = force constant (k) × compression

compression = 0.006 in = 0.006 × 0.0254 = 0.0001524 meter

Force applied = k × 0.0001524 = (0.0001524k) Newton

(b) Stress = Force applied (Newton)/area of steel core (meter square) = (0.0001524k/area) Newton per meter square

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