(c) the driver of a car traveling at a speed of 17 m/s slams on the brakes and comes to a stop in 3 s. if we assume that the speed changed at a constant rate (constant net force), what was the average speed during this 3 s interval?


It may possibly be c i think |-/

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v_{avg}=8.5\ m/s



initial speed of the car, v₁ = 17 m/s

final speed of the car, v₂ = 0 m/s

car stops in time = 3 s

we need to calculate average speed

v_{avg}=\dfrac{v_1 + v_2}{2}

v_{avg}=\dfrac{17 + 0}{2}


v_{avg}=8.5\ m/s

average speed of the car during interval of 3 s is 8.5 m/s

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