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100 pounds is 100 pounds no matter the object or item being weighed

weight of the box is given as

w = 112.1 n

here this is placed on the inclined of angle 42 degree

now this weight will have two components one is along the incline other is perpendicular to it

so here we need to apply a force parallel to incline opposite to its component of weight

so here the component of weight is given as

w_x = w sin\theta

here we have

w = 112.1 n

w_x = 112.1 sin42

w_x = 75 n

so it requires 75 n force to move it upwards

a.metals can become magnetic if they have many spinning electrons that create magnetic fields.d.only some metals are attracted by magnets; these metals are called ferromagnetic.

d.wrapping an insulated wire around a metal with ferromagnetic properties and applying an electric current.

1. may 2. september 3. february, and december4. 70°f

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