A2.0 kg magnetic ball moving at a speed of 4.0 m/s collides head-on in an inelastic collision with a stationary 2.0 kg iron ball. how much kinetic energy is lost during this collision?


dec 23, 2016 - a load of bricks weighing 680 n a distance of 10 m across a parking lot. if if the worker pushes the cart with a constant force of 209 n, what work= force x distance = 220 n x 10 m = 2200 n.m = 2200 j i don't know where the person got it from, but the initial part, work= force x distance me.

energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed in ordinary chemical or physical means. do not understand what you are asking but hope this

Is a  vector quantity  that refers to "the rate at which an object changes its position." imagine a person moving rapidly - one step forward and one step back - always returning to the original starting position. while this might result in a frenzy of activity, it would result in a zero velocity. because the person always returns to the original position, the motion would never result in a change in position. since velocity is defined as the rate at which the position changes, this motion results in zero velocity. if a person in motion wishes to maximize their velocity, then that person must make every effort to maximize the amount that they are displaced from their original position. every step must go into moving that person further from where he or she started. for certain, the person should never change directions and begin to return to the starting position.
Jet streams are relatively narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. the winds blow from west to east in jet streams but the flow often shifts to the north and south. jet streams follow the boundaries between hot and cold air. the earth's rotation is responsible for the jet stream as well.

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