The displacement of a wave traveling in the negative y-direction is d(y, t) = ( 4.60 cm ) sin ( 6.20 y+ 60.0 t ), where y is in m and t is in s?


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"The displacement of a wave traveling in the negative y-direction is D(y,t) = ( 4.60cm ) sin ( 6.20 y+ 60.0 t ), where y is in m and t is in s.

A) What is the frequency of this wave?

B)  What is the wavelength of this wave?

C) What is the speed of this wave?"


a.  f=\frac{30}{\pi }Hz\\

b. wavelength=\frac{\pi }{3.1}m \\

c. v=9.68m/s


The equation of a wave is represented as

D(x,t)=Asin(kx+wt) \\

Where A=amplitude

w=angular frequency=2πf

K=wave numbers =2π/λ

since we re giving he equation  D(y,t) = ( 4.60cm ) sin ( 6.20 y+ 60.0 t ),

we can compare and get the value for the wave number and angular frequency.

By comparing we have



a. to determine the frequency, from the expression fr angular wave frequency we have

w=2πf hence


if we substitute we arrive at

f=\frac{60}{2\pi }\\f=\frac{30}{\pi }Hz\\

b. to determine the wave length, we use

k=\frac{2\pi }{wavelength} \\k=6.2\\wavelength=\frac{2\pi }{k} \\wavelength=\frac{2\pi }{6.2} \\wavelength=\frac{\pi }{3.1}m \\

c. the wave speed  v is express as the product of the frequency and the wavelength. Hence

v=frequency*wavelength \\v=\frac{30}{\pi } *\frac{\pi }{3.1}\\ v=9.68m/s

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