The energy of an onject as it is in motion is defined as?


answer would be letter choice (a),   a ball resting on a shelf. would be another example of potential energy   >   stored energy > not moving.

a ball spinning on a finger   >   kinetic energy > moving energy

a ball rolling on the ground   >   kinetic energy   > moving energy

a   ball flying through the air   > kinetic energy   >   moving energy

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hope this

The energy of an object as it is in motion is defined as Kinetic energy.


The energy that is attained by an object when it is moving is called as Kinetic energy. It is the amount of energy that is essential for inducing an acceleration in an object and making it to displace from its idle position to the destination. When an object attains the acceleration it can have this kinetic energy until there is a change in the speed of the object with which it moves.

The forms of energy changes and it can take any form like thermal, electrical, electromagnetic,etc. Potential and kinetic energy are the two things under which these forms are energy are grouped. There can be a transferring of Kinetic energy from one object to another. The kinetic energy can also take any form of energy.  

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