Do libras fight well im doing this for an astrology project


answerscientific theory;

He can play two games. 13/4=3.253.25*2=6.5

answer: the metamorphic rocks are formed when they are exposed to high pressure and high temperatures. this happens when one of the earth's plates comes in contact with the other plate by traveling in opposite directions, straight into each other or slipping under one another. the friction that is caused by this activity results in   melting of rocks and when it cools they are known as metamorphic rocks. this process needs a controlled amount of pressure and temperature otherwise it may turn into magma.

It's have to be 12 or idk

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   v₀ = 50.46 m / sExplanation:This is a projectile launch exercise where the scope is given by          R = v₀² sin 2 θ / g Let's clear the initial speed         v₀ = √(G R / s...Read More
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