What animals were delisted in july 2019?




there is no change in the electric potential energy as it is in rest on both conditions.

i think it’s a. this is because if they measured the mass of something with a mass of 150g, then their final answer would have to be approximately 150g. though all of their answers are almost 150, rosa and tran have the closest answers (or the exact answer) to the accurate one.

The animals which were delisted from the endangered species in July 2019 is Grey Wolf

Grey wolf


The ultimate goal of the Endangered Species Act was to preserve the species that are in the verge of extinction. The species are conserved and taken care of till they can be left free in the wild for it to survive of it's own.If the species has crossed all the recovery goals then they are delisted.

The grey wolf in July 2019 was delisted from the endangered species list. Now it is calculated that there are 6000 wolves that are found. But yet the grey wolf has not returned back to their livelihood and also to their sutable habitat.

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