Aphoton in a monochromatic beam of light has energy 3 ev. the wavelength is closest to: a) 4960 nm b) 1240 nm c) 413 nm d) 310 nm e) 4.8x10-19 m


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b would be the answer

\lambda=4.143\times 10^{-7}\ m


It is given that,

Energy of the photon, E=3\ eV=3\times 1.6\times 10^{-19}\ J

E=4.8\times 10^{-19}\ J

Let \lambda is the wavelength of the photon. The energy of a photon is given by :



\lambda=\dfrac{6.63\times 10^{-34}\times 3\times 10^8}{4.8\times 10^{-19}}        

\lambda=4.143\times 10^{-7}\ m

So, the wavelength of the photon is \4.143\times 10^{-7}\ m. Hence, this is the required solution.

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