(tco-8) a band-pass filter has fc1 = 5 khz and fc2 = 88 khz. calculate bandwidth (bw) and center frequency (fo) for this filter.


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e/c, where e is its total energy

Bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower frequencies in a continuous band of frequencies.

Mathematically can be expressed as,

BW = F_{c2}-F_{c1}

The upper frequency is 88Hz and the lower frequency is 6, therefore the Bandwidth would be,

BW = (88-5)kHz

BW = 83kHz

The center frequency is given on the basis of the square root of the multiplication of the two reference frequencies, then,

f_0 = \sqrt{f_{c1}*f_{c2}}

f_0 = \sqrt{88*5}

f_0 = 20.97kHz

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