A5.00 l volume of methane gas is cooled from 298 k to 149 k. if the pressure remains constant, what is the final volume in liters?


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The correct answer is  "c".  it is "c" because melting is an endothermic change, and endothermic get's energy from surroundings. 

The final volume of methane gas = 2.5 L


Charles' Law: Charles'  law states that the volume of a given mass of gas is directly proportional to it's absolute temperature provided the pressure remains constant.

From Charles' law

V₁/T₁ = V₂/T₂

Making V₂ The subject of the equation above,

V₂ = (V₁/T₁)T₂ equation 1

Where V₁ = initial Volume, T₁ Initial Temperature, V₂ = Final Volume, T₂ = final Temperature.

Given: V₁ = 5.00 L, T₁ = 298 K, T₂ = 148 K

Substituting these values into equation 1

V₂ = (5.00/298)149

V₂ = 2.5 L.

Therefore the final volume of methane gas = 2.5 L

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