Aof 8 x 10- c is at . (a) is ofat (0.8, o, o m? 5 n/c at (0.4, 0, o) m, isin ofat (o. a, o, o) m? (on (b) , a , ,7 mm isxas a ,,of as atis .) x n/c


Answer4 million;
Two cars collide, lock bumpers and move together after the collision.this collision is known as perfectly inelastic collision.

find the sum of the two horizontal vectors and the sum of the two vertical vectors

isoceles right angled triangle

Simple harmonic motion wind energy circulation best answer from the choices

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Option (C) is the correct answer.Explanation:A compound that is formed by transfer of electrons results in the formation of an ionic bond and it is known as an ionic compound.For...Read More
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