What kind of air would be characteristic of a continental polar air mass? o a cold, dryob. warm, humido c. warm, dryo d. cold, wet


Answer: it will take   4.36 seconds to reach her average velocity 10.69 miles/hour.explanation:   we have equation of motion s=ut+\frac{1}{2} at^2,where s is the displacement, a is the acceleration, u is the initial velocity and t is the time taken.average velocity = displacement/ time taken.average velocity = 10.69 miles/hr = 10.69*1.6*1000/(60*60) = 4.75 m/s4.75 = s/ts = 4. 1we also have acceleration = 2.18 m/s², initial velocity = 0 m/ss=0*t+\frac{1}{2} *2.18*t^2s=1.09t^2[/ 2equating equation 1 and 2     [tex]4.75t = 1.09t^2\\ \\ t=4.36 seconds.so it will take   4.36 seconds to reach her average velocity 10.69 miles/hour.

correct it is c.) b b

a) cold, dry


continental polar masses are cold and dry air masses because the cold air cannot hold much moisture. as they move into warmer air, they can trigger precipitation.

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