The focal point of a concave mirror is the mirror. ( in front of; behind)

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146.826 KPaExplanation:Given:The mass of the piston = 3.2 kgCross-sectional area = 35 cm² Force exerted by the spring = 110 NAtmospheric pressure = 95 KPaNow, the total pressure in...Read More
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a) b) Length of the wire, l = 2.01 mExplanation:Number of turns, N = 99diameter of the coil, d = 2.0 mm = 0.002 mArea of the coil:Time interval, t = 36 ms = 0.036 sThe fly turns th...Read More
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waves moving from a fast medium to a slow medium will experience a reflection as light travels more slowly than red light. total internal reflection occurs when the critical angl...Read More
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