A4.0-cm tall light bulb is placed a distance of 32.0 cm from a concave mirror having a focal length of 16.0 cm. determine the image distance


The geological theory that states that pieces of earth's lithosphere are in constant slow motion is the theory of plate tectonics.
Make them both to where they have the denominator of 18that makes 3/2 equal 27/18 and 1/9 equal 2/18so now you have  27/18x+5=2/18subtract 5 from the other sideso now you have 27/18x+2/18-5then subtract 2/18 from 27/18 to get 25/18x=-5then divide 25/18 by -5 and your answer will be  -5/18
Answer (d) the universe had cooled enough for atoms to combine, protons and neutrons were too far apart to form nuclei;

it's a b and

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