There are free body diagrams in the picture, number (#). which of the diagram(s) shows an object at rest on a table? 2 and 3 3 only 2 and 4 2 only


Figure (4)


In this case 4 free body diagrams are shown. In Figure (1), there is no normal force acting on the object. It will accelerate in downwards direction.

In figure (2), the box is balanced. All forces cancel out each other.

In figure (3), the box is not balanced. The horizontal forces cancel out each other while the downward force is greater than the greater than upward force. The object will accelerate in downward direction.

In figure (4), no normal force is acting. In this case, the force towards right is more than the force towards left. So, the object will move towards right.

Hence, the correct option is (c) " figure (4) only".

4 only diagram net Force

Only #2 represents an object at rest on a table.

In #1, there is no normal force due to the table; the object is accelerating downward.

In #3, the vertical forces are not balanced; the object is accelerating downward.

In #4, neither the vertical nor the horizontal forces are balanced. The object is accelerating upwards AND to the right.

Well first we would need the actual diagram. Perhaps you missed it?

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