Question 8 What are the characteristics of the blockbuster model? (Choose 2) 1 point Pricing - Pay for performance R&D - Nimble decision-making process Pricing - Depends on the market R&D - Silos


The correct answer is C) Dialogue
The answer is use of strong diagonal lines :)
The answer is dialogue because that’s what you call it when two characters have a conversation in narrative writing.
Examples of fault block mountains in the U.S. include the Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada, Death Valley and the Tetons in Wyoming. Forces of compression or tension can lead to the formation of fault block mountain ranges. The Sierra Nevada region is characterized by fault block mountains with streams that drain into adjoining basins. 

Steve is in that block game


It is a style of art pioneered by Picasso and Braque in the first decade of the twentieth century, noted for the geometry of its forms, its fragmentation of the object, and its increasing abstraction



it has to be a

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