To maintain homeostasis, the body must maintain mass balance. how much water must be consumed if 2000 ml was lost during exercise, 200 ml was produced, and another 300 ml was lost during metabolism


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2.1 liter.


Homeostasis may be defined as the phenomena of the maintenance of the internal environment of the body irrespective of the change in the external or internal environment.

The water consumption is important for the body as the human's body consists of more than 60% water.

The water consumption can be calculated as follows:

Water consumption = water loss - water produced.

Water loss from exercise = 2000 ml = 2 liter, 300 ml was lost during from metabolism = 0.3 liter.

The water produced = 200 ml = 0.2 liter.

The water consumption = 2 L + 0.3 L - 0.2 L

Total water consumption done by the body = 2.1 liter.

Thus, the answer is 2.1 liter.

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