Malaria is a zoonotic disease. ellen was infected by a bite from the anopheles mosquito.

identify each of the following for ellen's case:

portal of entry, mode of transmission, and reservoir.



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Malaria is a disease caused by parasite Plasmodium malariae which enters the body through the bite from the anopheles mosquito. This parasite is present in the saliva of the anopheles mosquito and enters the bloodstream when the mosquito takes a blood meal. Plasmodium's reservoir is human and intermittent host ia anopheles mosquito.


Malaria can be caused by five different species of Plasmodium.

PORTAL OF ENTRY AND MODE OF TRANSMISSION: Malaria is always transmitted by the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito infected by plasmodium. Transfusion of blood from one infected person to another and use of contaminated needles and syringes are other potential modes of transmission. Congenital transmission of malaria can also occur. When the parasite enters the blood via the saliva of the mosquito it multiplies in the blood and enters the liver and infects the person who present symptoms of malaria as chills fever headcahe joint pain. Humans are the reservoir for the plasmodium species causing malaria.

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