Based on this data, what is a reasonable estimate of the probability that Omur's mom takes exactly 666 vitamins tomorrow?


Option: C is the correct answer.

                      C.  27%

Step-by-step explanation:

The dot plot can be reoresented in tabular form as follows:

Number of vitamins          Number of days

          1                                         2

          3                                         1

          4                                         2

          5                                         1

          6                                         3    

          7                                          1

          9                                          1  

Hence, the total number of days= 2+1+2+1+3+1+1=11

Also, the number of days in which Omur's mother took 6 vitamins= 3

( Since there are 3 dots over 6)

Hence, the estimated probability that Omur's mom take exactly 6 vitamins tomorrow is:

       =\dfrac{3}{11}\times 100\\\\=27.27\%\\\\\text{which\ is\ approximately}\\\\=27\%      

 C) 27%

Step-by-step explanation:

There are 3 dots (vitamins) on six and 11 dots (vitamins) total.

The probability is \dfrac{successes(vitamins\ on\ six)}{total\ possible\ outcomes(all\ vitamins)}=\dfrac{3}{11}=\large\boxed{27\%}

the answer would be 27

Step-by-step explanation:

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