Does this graph represent a function? why or why not ?


add 8+12 to get a simplified answer of 12r-20

answer: 1722

step-by-step explanation:

given: the mass of saturn=5.685\times10^{26}\ kgs

the mass of mercury=3.302\times10^{23}\ kgs

the number of times the mass of saturn is greater than the mass of mercury

=\frac{\text{mass of saturn}}{\text{mass of mercury}}\\=\frac{5.685\times10^{26}}{3.302\times10^{23}}\\\\=1.72168\times10^{26-23}{by using law of exponent}]\\=1.72168\times10^3=1721.68\approx1722

hence, the mass of saturn is 1722 times greater than the mass of mercury.

choice C) Yes, because it passes the vertical line test


The vertical line test is a test to see if it is possible to pass a single vertical line through more than one point on the curve. Since it is not possible to do so, the curve has passed the vertical line test. Passing the vertical line test indicates we have a function. Any x value you plug in will produce exactly one (and only one) y value. If the graph failed the vertical line test, then an x value would produce more than one y values which goes against what a function is.
It's got to be C i dont know how to describe it 

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