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answer: f = 32.2m

step-by-step explanation: that is the answer


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Slope of a parallel line would be 3/4.

The slope of a perpendicular line would be -4/3

Step-by-step explanation:

Put this equation in the slope intercept form of al line

6x -8y = -7   Subtract 6x from both sides of the equation.

-8y = -6x - 7  Divide all the way through by -8

y = \frac{-6}{-8}x - -\frac{7}{8}  Clean it up

y = \frac{3}{4}x + \frac{7}{8}  In this equation.  The slope is \frac{3}{4}  Any equation with a slope of \frac{3}{4} is parallel to this line and any equation that has a slope of \frac{-4}{3} if perpendicular to this line.  Perpendicular slopes are the negative reciprocals.

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