Ms. Hamilton's eighth-grade class wants to participate in the annual three-person-team basketball tournament. The losing team of each game is eliminated from the tournament. If sixteen teams compete, how many games will be played to determine the winner?


1010: 3030

is it i think


step-by-step explanation:

6 (donuts) divided by 3 is 2.

so 2/3 means 2 times 2, which is 4/6.

you get two and your friend gets four.

15 games will be played.

Step-by-step explanation:

The number of teams is 16.

We know there is one winner, so the number of losers is:

16 - 1 = 15

Since each game results in one loser, the number of games is equal to the number of losers, hence the number of games is 15.

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