The 10th graders are having a bake sale to raise money for their homecoming float. If they sell c cupcakes and p cake pops at the prices shown below, then the amount of money raised is given the expression 0.75c+0.5p


i'm assuming that it's c.)   volcanoes built the mountains and earthquakes tore them down.

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question 1 answer: p/q can be terminating when q = 5^m * 2^n

question 2 answer: -1 and -1

question 3 answer: -4

question 4 answer: 5/12

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step-by-step explanation:





step-by-step explanation:

from this example, we can see that subtracting with integers is the same as adding the opposite. we can solve using a number line or by using the saying "keep, change, change" to us solve. it is important to remember that we can subtract a negative and end up with a larger number than we started with.

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hello 0xxbadwolfxx0, 2.6 x 10^9 is 2,600,000,000.1.3 x 10^2 is 130multiplying 130 and 2,600,000,000 would simply give you 200,000,000,000.therefore, the answer would be d. 2.0 × 10...Read More
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