So I'm trying to help my Niece with her homework she needs help on 3&4 and she also needs help with some other stuff too when we get done with this



step-by-step explanation:



b. f(x) = –√x + 3this is the correct answer

i believe it is 0.1m because the measurement of 30.4m limits how precise you can be

you can only be as precise as the least precise measurement

What is the level of precision for the solution to the addition problem below? 6.339 m 0.170 m + 30

x = 17

step-by-step explanation:

in the given figure, two triangles are inscribed in a circle where ∠bae ≅ ∠dae which makes the side be and de equal so we can write it as:

3x - 24 = x + 10

solving this equation for x to get:

3x - x = 10 + 24

2x = 34

x = 34/2

x = 17

therefore, the value of x = 17.

In circle a, bae dae. what is the value of x?

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