NEED HELP ASAP 50 POINTS PLEASE ANSWER CORRECTLY I have 3 round stock tanks. I want to use the one with the largest volume in my cow- calf pasture. (That's where my cows that are having calves are held.) I want to use the one with the smallest volume in the corrals with the horses. It is easier to fill it when necessary. I don't mind running the hose on it everyday. I want to use the tank with the mid-sized volume in my bull pasture. I have 15 bulls for sale. I have people come by everyday so the number of animals in that pasture will go down. Please match the correct tank with the correct pasture. Mid-Sized tank. Bull Pasture 1. Tank 1: 3' tall, 10' diameter Smallest Tank. Horse/Corral Tank 2. Tank 2: 2' tall, 12' diameter + 3. Tank 3: 1.5' tall, 15' diameter Largest Tank. Cow-Calf Pasture Question 20 (10 points)



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the red lines denote the population of the bacteria after 35 hours. that would be 2,409.24. the y-intercept is the blue line which is 800 because that is the starting point. the equation used to make the graph is 800(1.032)^h, where h is the number of hours.

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Largest: 3

Smallest: 2

Mid-Sized: 1

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