9. The function h(t) = 150 - 4t represents the height of a person repelling downa building for the first time where t is measured in minutes and h is measured in
feet above the ground. How high would the person be one half hour after
beginning his descent?


5050 i think

step-by-step explanation:

all but the second one

step-by-step explanation:

cuz that one goes over 180

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Taking a test ! urgent all that apply

30 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

Half an hour is equivalent to 30 minutes.

Thus, h(t) = 150 - 4t becomes h(30 min) = 150 ft - 4(ft/min)(30 min) = 30 ft

30 feet

Step-by-step explanation:


Half an hour is 30 minutes, so that means we are asked to find h(30).

Solve for h(30):

h(30) = 150 - 4(30)         Substitute 30 for th(30) = 150 - 120            Simplifyh(30) = 30

The person would be 30 feet above the ground in half an hour.

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