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The great thing about this problem is they give you everything you need to solve it easily. so the expression is: 12h+30w12h+30wand so everywhere you have an “h” you place 66. and everywhere you have a “w” you place 33. then the expression will look like this: 12(66)+30(33)12(66)+30(33)from here you multiply and then add. getting the following of: $785,862hope this

thats one

step-by-step explanation:

f(g(5)) = 11

Step-by-step explanation:

f(x) = x - 2 g(x) = 3x - 2

The composite function f(g(5)) is found by plugging g(5) for x into f(x).

Let's find g(5) first.

g(5) = 3(5) - 2g(5) = 15 - 2 g(5) = 13

Next, plug this value for x into f(x).

f(13) = (13) - 2 f(13) = 11

∴ f(g(5)) = 11.

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