What is the smallest degree of rotation that will map a 20-hon rotation onto itself



given the linear inequality : x-2y\geq -12

add 2y to both sides we get;

x-2y+2y\geq -12+2y


x\geq -12+2y

add 12 to both sides of an equation;

x+12\geq -12+2y+12


x+12\geq 2y

divide both sides by 2 we get;

\frac{x}{2} + 6 \geq y  


y\leq \frac{x}{2} + 6            

the related equation for the inequality equation [1] is;

y =\frac{x}{2} +6              

y-intercepts defined as the graph crosses the y-axis.

substitute x =0 in [2] to solve for y;

y =\frac{0}{2} +6  

y = 6

x-intercepts defined as the graph crosses the x-axis.

substitute value y = 0 to solve for x;

0 =\frac{x}{2} +6  

subtract 6 from both sides we get

0-6 =\frac{x}{2} +6-6  

-6 =\frac{x}{2}  

multiply both sides by 2 we get;

-6 \times 2=x


x = -12

now, plot these point (0, 6) and (-12, 0) on graph as shown below and shade the graph below the solid line.

the answer would be d

straight away you can eliminate a and c because not all books contain a scientific skill because some may be fiction. c is also wrong because it saids that the only way children can learn is through books which is incorrect.

b is also wrong because reading can be a scientific skill but not always, therefore it is wrong which leaves you with d, the correct answer since it said that it can children learn.

hope this ! : 3

step-by-step explanation:

use pothagarean therom

a^2+b^2=c^2 so first ac

acm is a right triangle because c= 90°

and am (the hypotenuse or c) =16+9 =25

but there is not enough info we need another angle or side length

Brainliest and 75 points for whoever can explain how to get these given: △acm, m∠c=90°, cp⊥ am. ap=
Just turn the whole gym into pie

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