Find the sample space for the experiment. (Enter your answer in set notation.)A sales representative visits three homes per day. In each home, there may be a sale (denote by S) or there may be no sale (denote by F).


answer: 8

step-by-step explanation: if you add the possibilities 5 different flavor and 3 different sizes 5+3=8

answer:   expression= p+p*d%

price reduction + sale price = $625

sale price: $p+$p*d%

where d% is the percentage of discount

step-by-step explanation:

original price = p

price went down by $150 price reduction $p*d%

sale price= $ 475

therefore the price before sale is: $625

and the expression that shows the price before sale is: p+p*d%


step-by-step explanation:

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