Write an equation in slope intercept form to represent the values in the table. x y
-2 -13
-1 -7
0 -1
1 5
2 11

answers y = 6x -1
y = -6x + 1
y = 6x +1
y = -6x -1


The answer is idk yo
Inscribed angles in circles partner worksheet finish and i'll give you 90 points show work or no po

option: d is the correct answer.

d) none of the above.

step-by-step explanation:

clearly from the figure attached to the question we could see that there is no shape given. hence without any shape given in the figure and after rotation we can't obtained a square pyramid.

since, to obtain a image we need a proper figure of the pre-image so that it can be transformed.

hence, the correct answer is:

d) none of the above.

step-by-step explanation:


c. the third graph

step-by-step explanation:

if x = 2 you have to find x to finish the problem

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