HEL NOW PLEASE Suppose that children whose parents are in middle to the high-income bracket will, as adults be in a middle to the high-income bracket with a probability .9 and a low-income bracket with a probability of .1 suppose also that children whose parents are in a low-income bracket well as adults, be in a middle to the high-income bracket with a probability.5 and in a low-income bracket with probability.5 A. what is the probability that a grandchild of a low-income family will be in the low-income bracket as an adult?

B. over the long-term what fraction of the adult population will be in the low-income bracket?


answer: on graphs, the open and closed circles, or vertical asymptotes drawn as dashed lines us identify discontinuities.

as before, graphs and tables allow us to estimate at best.

when working with formulas, getting zero in the denominator indicates a point of discontinuity.

when working with piecewise-defined functions, check for discontinuities at the transition points where one piece ends and the next begins.

step-by-step explanation:

the correct answer is

c. 4

step-by-step explanation:

the given polynomial is


the degree of the polynomial is the highest exponent which is 4.

the -4 is called the leading coefficient.

this polynomial has only one term so it is a monomial.

the correct answer is option c.

the image of (6, 9) under a dilation is (4, 6). the scale factor is

b. 2/3

no pictures of the graph

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