In a standardized normal distribution the mean is while the standard deviation is . A. 0; 1
B. 1; 0
C. 0; 0
D. 1; 1


The answer is option b.

from the figure we get,

the x axis shows   the months and,

the y-axis shows the number of satisfied customer.

each line or each cell in upward direction (y-axis) shows 500.

the appropriate scale for the y - axis is: -

a = 2000 customers

b = 4000 customers

c = 6000 customers

d = 8000 customers

e = 10000 customers

f = 12000 customers

g = 14000 customers

A. 0; 1

Step-by-step explanation:


Mean and standard deviation of a standardized normal distribution

A standardized normal distribution is represented as:

(\mu,\sigma) = (0,1)

This implies that:

\mu = 0 -- mean

\sigma = 1 --- standard deviation

Hence, (a) is true

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