Find Side AB and round to the nearest tenth of a decimal

Find Side AB and round to the nearest tenth of a decimal


she will sew have sewn five dresses   and be 1/3 done with the sixth one in an hour.

step-by-step explanation:

3/4 of an hour=45 mins

lucy makes 1 dress per 11.25 minutes

45 mins+11.25 mins=56.25 mins

60 mins- 56.25 mins=3.75 mins

3.75 mins is 1/3 of of 11.25 mins

therefore she the other 1/3 would be part of the hour and she will have sewn 5 dresses and begun the sixth.

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It will might be false
That is right sorry i was gonna answer but i already saw his

stops on an even number.

Pls ! 15 points! event a: stops on an even number.event b: stops on blue.find the p(a or b).

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