R and S are two observation post on the same
horizontal ground.
as the foot p of a vertical tower PQ.
the tower is
18m due north of S and 24m east
of R. The angle of elevation of Q from S is 35°
Calculate, correct to 3 sf, the:
1.Height PQ.
2.Distance RS.
3.Angle of elevation of Q from R​



step-by-step explanation:

Ibelieve it's a. 2.2 - x = -10.85 (plz tell me if it's right : ) )

center (1,3) with radius 6

step-by-step explanation:

we must complete the square to find the center and radius of the circle.

first make sure the x and y squared terms have 1 as their coefficients. we also make sure x and y terms together.


we now create space between the x and y terms with parenthesis.


we complete the square by taking the middle terms -2x and the -6y - divide each and square them.

\frac{-2}{2} =(-1)^{2} =1

\frac{-6}{2} =(-3)^{2} =9

we add the squares to both sides.




and write the quadratics in factored form.

(x-1)^{2} +(y-3)^{2} =36

the center is (h,k) or (1,3). the radius is the square root of 36 which is 6.

$18 was the price of the t-shirt

step-by-step explanation:

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