Franks hardware store has a rectangular logo for their business that measures 3.4 meters tall with an area that is exactly the maximum area allowed by the building owner. create an equation that could be used to determine L, the unknown side length of the logo. the logo for each business sign must have the criteria shown: a maximum area of 13 square meters, a minimum width of 3.2 meters.


The only number less than 8 that can equal 12 would be 6, 36 \div 6 = 636 is the dividend


step 1: simplify both sides of the equation.


5=(812a)+(9+3)(combine like terms)



step 2: flip the equation.


step 3: subtract 12 from both sides.



step 4: divide both sides by 812.

812a /812 = -7/812

a= -1/116

so the answer is

a=   -1/116



step-by-step explanation:

you should pay $0.88

what is the image?

:if cheese is $4.40 per kilogramme, what should i pay for 200 grammes?

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