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c. y = 1/4 x + 5

step-by-step explanation:

first, put the equation of the line on the graph into slope-intercept form

(y = mx + b):   y = -4x + 8

second, a perpendicular line has to have "an opposite/reciprocal slope" to the original slope. so, find the "m" value in your original equation (it's -4, right? )

original slope: m = -4   perpendicular slope: change the sign to its opposite and find the reciprocal ("flip" the number)

new slope is now positive (b/c the original slope was negative 4), and it's 1/4 (not the original slope of 4 or 4/1)

Which equation represents a line perpendicular to the line shown on the graph?

percentage - 25%

probability - 0.25

we know,

total amount of students in class = 20

total boys = 10

total girls = 10

no of girls who wear glasses = 10/2 = 5

probability of choosing a girl with glasses is =

number of girls wearing glasses/total number of students in the class = 5/20

thus, percentage of selecting a girl wearing glasses will be

= 5/20 × 100

= 5 × 5



probability will be 0.25

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