XYZ Inc. has a cost of common stock of 14%, a cost of preferred stock of 10% percent, an after-tax cost of debt of 4%, and a tax rate of 21%. Given this, which one of the following will reduce the firm's WACC, given that its PE ratio is equal to 24?
A. Decreasing XYZ's beta
B. Repurchasing shares of common stock
C. Increasing the debt-equity ratio


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i love jeffery and believe there is truth in tati and james' answers

step-by-step explanation:

yes i have heard the tea

i believe both

no, tati didnt over exaggerate

james might might idk and tbh dont rly care

no oblique asymptote

step-by-step explanation:

to find the oblique asymptote of f(x)

here numerator has degree 1 and denomintor degree 2

degree of numerator < degree of denominator

hence there is no oblique asymptote

when the degree of the denominator > that of the numerator, we saw that the value in the denominator got so much bigger, so quickly,   giving us a horizontal asymptote of the x-axis. or we can write

f(x) = a polynomial of x + a proper fraction.

in this case only we have oblique asymptotes but not when numerator has less degree.

answer: '

the distance between points l and m

step-by-step explanation:

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