Please help me do this question i cant seem to get it

Please help me do this question i cant seem to get it


You should know that it isn’t your fault what her dad thinks about you. I’ve been through a similar experience and I’ve learned that it wasn’t my fault, or my doing of what there parents thought about me. If you really do like her, go and tell her. It’s her thoughts on you that matter =)
I think it is A. -7

I think that because FG's distance is 6, and if FG and HI are equal, then their distances should both be equal to 6.

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1. The Ottoman Empire and the Safavid Persian Empire were the two greatest powers of Western Asia. While both of Muslim belief, the first were of Sunni origin while the other was of Shia. Aside from fighting for Mesopotamia and the south caucasus, the Ottomans believed the Safavid were heterics. Answer would be C.  2. Arab writers gathered all their folktales originally written in Arabic, especially throughout the Islamic Golden Age in the book called the Thousand and One Nights, or the One Thousand and One Nights. This book was published in English in 1706. Answer is A.  3. The Romans conquered Africa, what was at the time known as Carthage, in 146 BC during the Third Punic War. Although not interested in Africa militarily, and though there was no settlement of significance, Carthage became the great provider of grain for Rome. This is why the answer is A.  4. Although many theories have been given about the convertion of Hindus of lower castes into Muslims, the one that is most accepted is that the lower-caste Hindu´s were tired of the oppression by the Brahmas and as Islam offered equality for all believers, most people accepted Islam as their belief. This is why the answer is C.  5. Meroe became the capital of the Kingdom of Kush, situated in the current Republic of Sudan, during the year 1069 BCE till 350 CE. Being one of the most advanced and one of the richest cities in the ancient world, they became also known for their military prowes and leaders and their advanced management of iron. This is why the answer is B.  6. Akbar the Great was a Mughal, or Moghul who ruled the Indian subcontinent from 1556 to 1605. After a long time and because of his military prowess, he was the first to be able to unify India into one kingdom and due to his policies, he maintained union despite continued strife. He did it by inviting people to gather under a concesus of faiths, rather than forcing them, which is why correct answer is A.  7. Between 960 to 1279, China experienced accelerated economic growth under the rule of the Song dynasty. Part of the reason for this was that they opened up the economy to foreign trade and focused its forces on technological innovation. These new technologies affected the agricultural production the most. Which is why answer is D.  8. Armenians were invited to come into Isfahan, in 1606, by the edict of Shah Abbas I, the ruler of the Safavid empire, as Armenians fled the Ottomans. They were called by the Shah into his city and established them into what is known as the New Julfa because of their vast knowledge of the trading of silk and their contacts. This is why the answer is D.  9. The Heian period, which took place between 794 CE and 1185 CE, was the time when Japan finally let go of Chinese cultural influence and established its own culture. In the case of women, during this time, became the main literary writers and achieved works of great importance. It is at this time that Japanese literature flourishes under the hand of women. This is why the answer is D.  10. During the Neolithic period, especially in Africa, there was a climate condition called the Subpluvial, under which Africa, especially the terrain was much moister because of more frequent rainfall. However, around 3900 BCE, this climate condition changed and Africa became much dryer and deser-like. This forced people to move because of the inhospitability of the terrain. Correct answer is C.  

One reason for conflict between the ottoman and safavid empires was that question 1 options:  the sa
One reason for conflict between the ottoman and safavid empires was that question 1 options:  the sa

don't worry about it because it is not your fault that her dad does not let you


hopefully he opens up about you


Step-by-step explanation:

To figure out if the table represents the same linear relationship as the equation, you take the x and y values from the table and plug them into the equation. So for table A, I plug in -5 for y and 0 for x, and see if the statement is true. So that turns into -5=(2x0)-5. 2 times 0 is 0, so it is -5=-5. If you keep plugging in for the rest of the numbers for table A, they all fit, therefore A is the right answer.







thows are the answers ^-^

1) c) Population Increased - factories attracted people to the cities from the countryside.

2)a) Disease and sickness spread more quickly - Because of the high density of people living in a small area

3)a) Inexpensive land - The west is vast and sparsely populated, therefore, the land is cheaper.

4)d) Cumberland Gap - whichs is located between Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee

5)d) Logs - a corduroy road is made by placing logs on the ground, usually over a swampy area.

6)c) The Government

7)a) Robert Fulton - He designed it in 1812 for the British Royal Navy

8)a) By digging canals - He was governor of New York and presided over the construction of the Erie Canal

9)d) Erie Canal - As stated before. It was finished in 1825.


1) a
2) d (I'm not sure)
3) a
4) d
5) d
6) d (I'm not sure)
7) a
8) a
9) d
Answering so you can give the person above me brainless

2 < x < 24

Step-by-step explanation:

Given 2 sides of a triangle then the third side x is in the range

difference of 2 sides < x < sum of 2 sides , that is

13 - 11 < x < 13 + 11

2 < x < 24

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