If (5 to the power of 0)x = 1, what are the possible values of x? explain your answer.

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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, lilbit217
first, we will find the distance between airport and origin then we will double it and we'll get the distance between airport and warehouse.by Pythagoras theorem :-let base be = 42...Read More
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Mathematics, 22.06.2019, seonna
[tex]\begin {array}{c|c}\underline {\quad x\quad}& \underline{\quad y\quad}\\ -2& 4\\-1& 2\\0& 0\\1& 2\\ 2& 4\\\end{array}[/tex]step-by-step explanation: y...Read More
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So with this, we will be using proportions. To solve for x, our proportion will be Firstly, cross-multiply: Next, subtract 36 on both sides: Next, replace -9x with 3x-12x Next, fac...Read More
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