For every 5 hours of homework he gets 3 hours video games. other kid gets 30 mins video games for every hour of homework l. if both boys spend same amount of time on homework, which boy gets more playing time. how do i know



step-by-step explanation:

none of the above.

for one of the equations to be used in the process, there has to be a 2x^2 term in the equation since 2x squared is 2x^2.

since there is only a x^2 term in the first equation, we cannot derive a 2x+4 from completing the square.

solving with completing the square







The kid with 5 hours of homework because the kid with 30 min. Per hour would only get 2 hr 30 min cause 30+30+30+30+30= 2 hr 30 min. 2 hr 30 min is less than 3 hours

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