It takes one gallon of gas to drive 25 miles . which measure of efficiency is this an example of


This measure of efficiency is an example of mileage. Mileage is a term used to refer to the total distance covered (in miles) per unit volume of the gasoline. People would likely opt to buy cars or any vehicles with higher mileage in order to save up the gasoline use.
MPG. Miles Per Gallon is used in the U.S. to measure the efficiency of gasoline used in cars. Other places in the world, such as the U.K. and other European and Asian countries used KPL, or Kilometers Per Liter.
Materials is the answer bc all of this is using materials
It is an example of fuel efficiency. This is a converting process of chemical potential energy into kinetic energy or work. It is also a measure of average distance that travels per unit of energy and is used to compare the consumption of energy from other vehicles.

the answer is Materials


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The only thing i can think of is Fuel Efficiency

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