If x2 = 60, what is the value of x?

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Answer with explanation:The given function is :   it will not pass through origin,as, f(0)=-2It is a fourth degree polynomial.The given function has two real roots and two imaginar...Read More
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step-by-step explanation: when the line is solid: it's either < or > when the line is dashed: it's either < or > this > inequality sign means: greater thanmore th...Read More
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x > 1.3step by step: 8.5−0.9x> 9.8−1.9x step 1: simplify both sides of the inequality. −0.9x+8.5> −1.9x+9.8 step 2: add 1.9x to both sides. −0.9x+8.5+1.9x> −1.9x+9....Read More
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