Atree casts a shadow that is 20 feet long . frank is 6 feet tall, and while standing next to the tree he casts a shadow 4 feet long.

a. how tall is the tree?

b. how much taller is the tree than frank?


The tree is 18 ft tall
 and the tree is 12 ft taller than frank

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If he is 6 feet and casts a shadow which is 4 feet long and the tree is 20 feet long you can see that frank decreases by 2 so the tree decrease by two which is 18
A.  So we know that a 6 foot figure casts a shadow 4 feet long.  4 foot shadow x 5 = a 20 foot shadow.  So this means we take 6 x 5 = 30, and the tree is 30 feet tall.  
B.  30 - 6 = 24 feet taller than Frank 

a. The tree is 30 feet tall.

b. The tree is 24 feet taller than Frank.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since the shadow of the tree is 20 feet and the shadow of Frank is 4 feet, 20+4 is 24.  24+6 is 30, so the tree is 30 feet tall and the tree is 24 feet taller than Frank.

16 is how much taller the tree is then frank

6/4= 1.5
20 x 1.5 = 30
a. the tree is 30ft tall
b. therefore the tree is 24ft taller than frank

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