How might a drop in price for washing machines affect the demand for dryers?


This problem asks about supply and demand. There are tow variables - dependent and independent. The price for a washing machine is independent to the price of the Dryer in this situation, as you don't need a dryer if you have a wash. If you have a washer, the likelihood of you needing a dryer is larger. If you need to buy a dryer, and the price has dropped, this will create more buyers, as more will be able to afford them. This gives the answer B.

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Since the price is at a low people will buy them. Most of the time when people buy washing machines. They also buy dryers so the demand for dryers will go up.
It will increse the demand of dryers bc people like to buy as sets. so if the washers are 400 instead of 600 people will buy a dryer that is 600 and a wahser that is 400 and even out the price.

the demand in dryers increase the price. the more its wanted the more it'll be costed.


The demand for dryers might go up too


People normally have both a washer and dryer, not just one. So if more people are buying washers, they most likely will get a dryer too.

the answer is B

Step-by-step explanation:

 The demand for dryers would most likely increase as the price for washing machines dropped.

Explanation:  Consumers typically buy washing machines and dryers at same time so if the price for the washer dropped, more will buy which will influence the purchase of the dryer.

The way a price drop in washers would affect the demand for dryers would go up.

Explanation: People normally have a washer and a dryer so when they go to buy a washer if they dont have a dryer they would normally buy a dryer as well.

The demand for dryers would most likely increase as the price for washing machines dropped. (B)

Step-by-step explanation:

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It might affect the demand of drys because if you need a fast way of drying cloths without hanging them on a clothesline you need a dryer so the more and more people buy washing machines the more and more people need a dryer

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